I'm a creative strategist.

I help ad agencies, agency owners and in-house marketing teams create products, services, brand strategies, and run innovation programs.

I’m there for those moments when you and your team needs a flurry of actionable ideas with implementation plans to supplement your client proposal or help your team grow your brand. 

Big brand names like Porsche, Flat-Icons and more, have experienced working with me – Helping the creative/marketing/sales and design teams ideate, develop strategies, and pitch proposals for digital and non-digital campaigns.

If You:
  • Are facing an audience that is not interested and not seeing the value in your product
  • Got a great creative concept but need someone to translate that to a product with a scaleable 6 month plan 
  • Are missing both the creative concept and the business plan
  • Need a flurry of data-backed, easily implementable ideas to include in your presentation due for this Friday
  • Need ideas to boost your brand
  • Need someone to translate data into actionable design briefs

It’s as easy as plugin me into your slack (use: certified.viktori at gmail.com to send me an invite), and whenever you have an idea or a creative concept (or a need for one) that requires a strategy to implement it, you let me know and I will come back with one in a matter of hours. These companies did that:

This site is a daily business journal where I post my ideas, strategies, processes and pitches. Thanks to the wide variety of industries I work with, such as business, travel, management, design, saas and VC’s, I’ve tested and experimented more than 10,000 strategies within:
  • Content Production and Distribution
  • Cold Email Marketing
  • Advertising Pitches
  • BTL/ATL Advertising
  • Remote event organization
  • Social media outreach
  • Direct sales
  • In store Promotions
  • 15 other…

But, if you can’t find a strategy you need below, there’s always the option that you can find them in my head.

So, you’d rather read than talk with me. Fine. To make it easier for you, I’ve divided my work into 4 categories: Pitch craft, process craft, strategy craft and self craft – even though I mainly work with pitches, strategies, and processes, sometimes I work with myself, my limits, my understanding of nature, the environment and breaking through mental limitations. Therefore the self craft.

Pitch Craft

If you can’t pitch effectively, you can’t reach your goals as a business owner. Effective pitching means being able to see the big picture, from a very high vantage point, and still be able to get down and communicate that big picture to individuals and inspire them to get on board with it. 

Effective pitching requires strategic thinking, great communication, massive balls, stoic calmness, egoless approach, story-telling skills, and resourcefulness. A bit of charm works too. If improving your pitch is your thing, you’re at the right web site. I’ve spent 8 years experimenting with:

  • Business Hacks
  • Marketing and Sales initiatives
  • Business Pitch Approaches
  • B2B Lead Generation
  • Competitor analysis frameworks
  • Ideal audience profiling
And what I’ve found is that you can have the greatest idea, the greatest process and product, but that means nothing if you can’t pitch it properly and have your audience understand how important your product is for their survival. Check out some of the articles covering those topics:

business pitch

Pro Craft

If you can’t measure it, you don’t know if your business is going up or down and the best way to measure, is to have a methodical, processed, step-by-step approach.

It’s great that you have it all in your head and it works fine now, but when the workload increases twofold, Asana won’t save you unless you put what’s in your head in a carefully constructed, standardized system that can scale easily without too much effort.

I test out processes – content production, sales funnels, lead gen – and write about them here.

pro craft

Star Craft

Strategic thinking – it helps you stay on track with your goals and allows you to focus your efforts and attention towards the end goals. 

Being able to rise above, and do a high-level scan of your current situation, is a trait that separates successful entrepreneurs and the rest.

I invent strategies for product launches, product upgrades and promotions that are easy to use and implemented in current workflows and production processes.

star craft

Self Craft

You can’t grow through life as a person, if you don’t allow yourself to see yourself, your environment, your actions, and the people in it, from a different angle.

You have to be able to unbox yourself from the box you live in, so that you see the box you live in, figure out if that box is good or not, and decide if you want to change that box for a bigger, more beautiful version of it.

Unboxing is a process that takes time, effort and a-lot of burgers. I talk about that process below.

Didn't find what you were looking for?

Then, plug me into your slack (use: certified.viktori at gmail.com to send me an invite), and whenever you need to put a strategy around your creative concept, you let me know.