How To Make A Winning Agency Pitch Deck (Agency Pitch Deck Template Included)

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Creating an agency deck is not that hard, but unfortunately, time and other client tasks just take priority most of the time. It’s just time-consuming, and ultimately, you don’t want to wing it.

That’s why you need a step-by-step process that will help you build an agency deck. If that won’t work, you can try and use an agency pitch deck template.

Sup. I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expertcreative strategist and burger lover. I’ve worked in the best and biggest marketing and advertising agency as an account manager for 6 years. During that time, I’ve done 100s of agency pitch decks for various clients and won each account.

This guide will teach you how to create a stellar agency pitch deck. I’ve used the same approach and it works.

Let’s see what’s in store.

What Is Agency Pitch Deck?

An Agency pitch deck is a presentation created by an advertising agency and used to showcase its ideas and capabilities and persuade a potential client to hire it.

The agency pitch deck typically includes information in the form of an overview of the agency’s history, its past and current clients,  contact information, past work, case studies, awards, the agency team members they’ll be working with, target audience and approach to the client’s specific marketing challenge.

Face-to-face is the usual way this

It is usually delivered in person/face-to-face, but can also be sent digitally.

Agency pitch decks are usually created in PowerPoint or Keynote, and they vary in length depending on the scope of the project.

Keynote or PowerPoint are the tools that are usually used to create a pitch deck. They vary in length depending on the scope of the project and table of contents.

The goal of an agency pitch deck is to persuade specific clients that the agency is the right fit for their needs.

In order to do this, it’s crucial for the agency to demonstrate its ability to understand the client’s case, business goals and objectives and to develop creative solutions that achieve results for the new client.

5 Key Tips To Create A Successful Agency Pitch Deck

5 tips to create an agency pitch deck

A well-crafted pitch deck is key when you’re trying to win new business or a dream client.

A successful and professionally designed agency pitch deck is a visually appealing presentation that tells the story of your agency and showcases your work in the best possible light.

Here are some tips that come into play when creating a successful agency pitch deck and one that it’s worth paying attention to:

1. Keep it simple and concise.

Don’t try to cram too much information into your pitch deck.

Sticking to the essentials in the presentation matters, since the clients want you to save their time.

So make sure you create a deck that’s easy to follow.

2. Make it visually appealing.

Use high-quality self-explanatory images and graphics to make your deck stand out.

Also, your pitch deck could include a video which is an effective approach since the client is likely to find that easier to understand and remember.

3. Tell your agency’s story.

What makes your agency unique? What are the services you offer? Why should potential client hire you over other agencies?

Be sure to answer these questions in your agency pitch deck.

4. Highlight your work.

Showcase your agency’s best work and success stories in your pitch deck so potential clients can see what you’re capable of.

5. Answer common objections.

Don’t forget to be prepared to address common objections that your clients may have about working with an agency.

If you can overcome these objections, you’ll be more likely to make a winning pitch and win new business, so keep in mind that you need to prepare and know your stuff so you can deliver the best pitch and the most creative presentation you could possibly make.

And also, it would be excellent if you could make the last slide a “thank you slide” in order to get the client to know that you appreciate their time and attention.

What To Include In Your Agency Pitch Deck?

what to include in an agency pitch deck

A creative agency pitch deck should include:

  • An overview where you will introduce your agency and its services
  • Portfolio of your best work, and case studies of your most successful campaigns.
  • Highlight your unique selling points, and explain why you are the best agency for the client.
  • The team
  • If you’re pitching for a specific campaign, include these too:
    • The scope of the work that has to be completed
    • A timeline for the project
    • Budget for the project
    • Examples of similar work the agency has completed

By including these key elements, you’ll be well on your way to putting together a creative presentation.

Take some time to look at your client’s needs and what they’ve worked on and see what works best for both of you. 

Differences Between a Startup Pitch Deck And An Agency Pitch Deck

There are some key differences between a startup pitch deck and an agency pitch deck.

Firstly, a startup pitch deck is usually focused on the product or service being pitched, while an agency pitch deck is focused on the agency’s ability to deliver results.

Secondly, a startup pitch deck is often shorter and more to the point than an agency pitch deck, which may be more detailed and include case studies.

Finally, a startup pitch deck is typically aimed at investors or potential customers, while an agency pitch deck is aimed at clients or prospects.

Differences Between An Agency Pitch Deck And Sales Pitch Deck

Agency pitch decks and sales pitch decks serve different purposes. An agency pitch deck is used to convince a client to hire an agency, while a sales pitch deck is used to convince potential customers to buy a product or service.

Agency pitch decks typically include information about the agency, its team members, past work, and how the agency can help clients achieve their goals.

Sales pitch decks, on the other hand, focus on the product or service being sold and how it can benefit the customer.

The two types of decks also differ in terms of tone and style. Agency pitch decks tend to be more formal and professional, while pitch decks for sales are usually more casual and persuasive.

Differences Between An Agency Pitch Deck And An Investor Pitch Deck

There are several key differences between an agency pitch deck and an investor pitch deck.

An agency pitch deck is typically used to showcase the creative work and capabilities of your agency to prospective clients. In contrast, an investor pitch deck is usually used to present a startup company’s business plan and track record to potential investors.

The main difference between an agency pitch deck and an investor pitch deck is their purpose. An agency pitch deck is focused on convincing a client to hire the agency, while an investor pitch deck is focused on convincing an investor to invest in the company.

While both types of decks should be well-designed and persuasive, an agency pitch deck will often be more creative in its approach, while an investor pitch deck will be more focused on numbers and data.

How Do You Build An Agency Pitch Deck?

To build an agency pitch deck, you’ll need to include information about your agency, your team, your clients, and your work. You’ll also need to create a compelling presentation outlining your agency’s unique selling points and how you can help clients achieve their goals.

How Do You Write A Pitch For An Agency?

In order to write a pitch for an agency, you will need first to determine what services the agency offers and what type of clients they work with. Once you have this information, you can begin crafting your pitch. Be sure to include why you believe the agency would be a good fit for your project, as well as what unique skills or perspective you can bring to the table. If possible, try to connect with someone at the agency beforehand so that your pitch is tailored to their specific needs. If you need a detailed guide, check out my article on how to create an agency pitch.

What Is An Agency Pitch?

An agency pitch is a presentation that is used to present your agency and your services in front of potential clients. If you want a more detailed guide, check out my article, which will explain what is an agency pitch.

Agency Pitch Deck Templates

As an agency owner or account director, you might have a lot on your plate and building an agency deck from scratch can be time-consuming, especially if you do not see yourself as a designer. The good news is you don’t have to make decks from scratch. 

Creating effective agency decks is all about knowing what to include.

You can find tons of templates on sites like Canva, Slidesgo and Google Slides, but none of them will align with the brand you represent.

What will happen is you’ll need to spend hours adjusting these templates to fit your brand guidelines. There’s a better way.

My clients have used my written template to craft a stellar agency pitch in half the time and designed a deck that secured their new clients and accounts.

Get the template that helped companies win $4,000,000+ in funding, deals and investments. 
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My Final Thoughts

The agency pitch deck is a powerful tool to help agencies win new business and drive growth. However, it’s important to remember that the deck is only one part of the puzzle.

You also need to have a strong understanding of your client’s needs, your own unique capabilities and have a competitive analysis of the market landscape.

With that in mind, here are a few final thoughts on creating a winning agency pitch deck:

1. Keep it simple:

The best agency pitch decks are usually around 10-15 slides, so don’t try to put too much information into yours.

2. Focus on the client:

Remember that the primary purpose of the pitch deck is to show how you can solve your client’s specific problems and needs better than anyone else. Make sure you’ve got a deck that focuses on them, not on you.

3. Know your audience

When you’re creating your pitch deck, think about who will be seeing it and what they want to see. Curate your content accordingly.

4. Be prepared to answer tough questions

Once you’ve delivered your presentation, answer any questions about your agency or your proposal. Everyone wants to have as much information as possible especially when they need to pay for the service they are getting.

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a winning agency pitch deck that will help you close more business deals and drive growth for your agency.

After all, if you feel like you are still missing more detailed and precise information on creating and structuring the perfect and effective agency deck, feel free to check our website:, which is my specialized resource in the field of pitch decks and can help you pitch anything. 

You got this!

But if you don’t got it, and you prefer to have your pitch deck done by a pro, let’s talk. Schedule a free 30 min call with me here, and let’s take a look at your needs together. Or visit my pitch deck service page for more info.

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