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game pitch deck

A game pitch deck is an essential tool for any game developer hoping to secure funding and make their project a reality.

But how do you create a game pitch deck that clearly reflects the value and brilliant lore your game has?

This game pitch deck presentation guide, as well as the examples and the template, will provide creators with the information they need to create a compelling pitch highlighting their game’s most important aspects.

I’m Viktor, a pitch deck expertcreative strategist and strategy gamer with 33 years of experience playing games. My work has helped my clients win $4mill+ worth of pitches and helped 100+ companies develop decks that are currently helping them raise investments and close deals.

I’m jealous but in a good kinda way because I’ve always wanted to make my own game.

Instead, I ended up running businesses and helping gamers sell their own games.

I’ve chosen the path of the nobler cause.

This guide specifically aims at helping you understand what a game pitch deck is and how you can create one.

Don’t worry, you won’t start from scratch.

Let’s dive in.

What is A Game Pitch Deck?

what is a game pitch deck

A game pitch deck is a presentation that is used by game developers to pitch their game idea to potential users, investors, or whoever else might fund it.

It serves as an overview and introduction to the game, outlining the concept of the game, development timeline, key features, target audience, and potential revenue streams.

What’s The Goal Of The Gaming Pitch Deck?

The goal of the deck is to get funding for the game idea, by providing enough information to convince investors that it is worth their investment.

What Should You Include in Game Pitch Deck Slides?

I’ve seen thousands of decks and they all follow more or less the same structure (you can find the structure at the end of this article). The difference is that you’ll have to put a bit of emphasis on the storyline because that’s what separates great games and good games – a narrative that can keep the player stuck to his chair for hours at a time (think Skyrim).

As with any pitch deck, the game pitch deck should include visual elements such as in-game screenshots, and videos, as well as text that can be quickly read and understood.

The game deck should also include:

  • a brief overview of the concept
  • financial projections
  • market research data
  • target market
  • artwork and visuals
  • an outline of the proposed features
  • development timeline
  • how you differ from your competitors
  • information about the team behind the project.

and any other relevant information that can help demonstrate the viability of the project such as:

  • explaining information in regards to the platform, whether you are planning on building a mobile gaming app that people can use just from their smartphone, a pc game, or something very different than that.
  • explaining whether the game is multiplayer and things like the type of subscription available, such as regular and premium subscription options, if the users will be able to download the game if it is a virtual one, etc.
  • including details on how you plan to promote and distribute your game. It’s rare for game developers to know how to distribute games unless they’re a renowned studio, so including this info will definitely itch the investor’s pocket.
  • including appendices that provide additional detail on topics such as marketing strategies or detailed technical implementation plans. 
  • demonstrating traction with metrics such as user engagement or revenue can help illustrate the game’s potential success.

This presentation is key for the image of the product. It’s where you go when you want to understand what is the game about (without having to play the game) and more information explaining the commercially most important aspects of it.

Finally, be sure to leave space for questions so that your presentation can be interactive and engaging.

With all this information on hand, you’ll easily be able to convince users and investors that your game is worth their time and money while gaining knowledge on how to pitch potential games in the future.

Successful Gaming Pitch Decks Examples

A successful game pitch deck is an essential tool for anyone seeking to secure funding or attract an audience for their game.

For the pitch deck to be successful, it should present the concept of the game in a concise and engaging manner that will capture the attention of potential users, partners, or investors.

Having in mind that there are a lot of shows for gaming and entertainment in the game industry nowadays, it’s no surprise that there are many gaming pitch deck examples, but only a few I know have gotten that elevator pitch AKA the perfect pitch moment.

Here are 5 really good pitch decks:

  1. SandboxVR
  2. Tamatem Pitch Deck
  3. Juked esports Pitch Deck
  4. One Lonely Outpost Pitch Deck
  5. Zio Studios

Where Do You Find Investors To Present Your Gaming Decks?

Besides the usual online search for VCs that invest in games in your specific niche or startup events near you, the best way to present your idea is:

  • Go straight to the publisher studios and ask for a meeting
  • Visit game conferences where other game designers and studios come together to brag and do some damage
  • Visit game events and shows, where gamers battle each other. Most often than not, the audience will be filled with scouts, publishers, and other people that could potentially help you get invested.

Game Pitch Deck Template For Gaming Startups

With the help of this template, you can essentially take a bite of the pie and get your perfect game pitch deck created and ready for your platform.

You can then modify and personalize this however you want, but I bet that you won’t need to.

Get the template that helped companies win $4,000,000+ in funding, deals and investments. 
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Frequently Asked Questions By Game Designers

What do you put in a game pitch?

A good pitch should include enough information to give the audience a full understanding of the product’s concept, its gameplay, and its target audience.

When crafting a game pitch, there are several essential elements that must be included. First and foremost is a thorough description of the concept behind the game—this includes elements such as genre, visuals, themes, characters, setting, etc. Additionally, it should provide details on unique features or mechanics that will set it apart from other games in its genre. Finally, it should also explain what platforms it will be released on and any plans for post-release content updates or expansions.

How do you present a game pitch?

Creating a compelling game pitch is essential for getting greenlit and will help you secure the resources needed to bring your vision to life. The presentation of your pitch should be professional, well-structured, and concise. A game pitch deck is an effective way to get your point across in a visually appealing format.

A game pitch deck typically consists of slides that showcase the main elements of your project: from concept art, gameplay mechanics, target audience, marketing plan and more. Keep the slides brief and make sure they are supported by relevant data or visuals – this will help keep the focus on what’s important. Additionally, any associated documents that provide further details about the project should also be included with the deck for reference during meetings.

Last Words

The gaming world is huge and there are more games (indie, virtual reality, etc) being produced than you can count. Which could mean that getting capital for your gaming idea might be difficult.

That’s the good part. If it’s difficult it means there’s a lot going on. In fact, (Stats here).

As long as you got your idea, storyline, and good financials, you’ll make a killer gaming pitch. If not, let me know and I’ll help you out. Schedule a free 30 min call with me here, and let’s take a look at your needs together. Or visit my pitch deck service page for more info.

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