I can do a better pitch deck than you can.

I create and design powerful pitch decks and presentations that give your audience the unicorn feeling and get you your funds.

What My Clients Say:

What My Clients Got:


Pitches and presentations done (designed, researched and written).


How much my work has helped my clients raise in funding, win in client accounts and convert in paying clients


Of hours saved for my clients and their internal marketing and sales teams.

Some Of The Work:

Pick your need and lets talk:

Blazing Fast 3 Day Turnaround & Simple Pricing:

Price Per Slide

10 minimum slides in order for the story to be conveyed. 40+ slide presentations get a premium price.


On standby for any presentation or pitch deck need. Packages are $1500, $2500 and $4400 depending on workload.

5/5 on Upwork

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The 2-Step Process To Get Your Deck Is Simple:


As soon as payment is initiated, you’ll get a short questionnaire. It gives me an idea of who your audience is in detail and a few things about your product. We also do one quick discovery call to finalize everything I got and show you some visual directions that will help me figure out the best visual design for you.


This is where I dive into deep work and develop the presentation. During this time we’ll do continuous back and forth in order to finalize the initial draft and get you your winning deck.

A secret that “pitch experts” avoid telling you.

A design by itself, wont sell the presentation no matter how WOW it looks. I get it, you want your deck to look amazing but that’s not what decision makers with cash get turned on by. They want the story, the numbers, the reason why you’ll save your audience and why without you, your audience is doomed. They want to get that unicorn feeling when going through your presentation. I can get you that and more. That’s me on the left btw.

About Me

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