What I Do

Hi I’m Viktor, a creative strategist, and for the last 10 years I’ve been crafting and pitching product ideas, promotions and strategies for brands like Porsche, Imperial Tobacco, and Flat-Icons. 

New product launches and product features, marketing and sales initiatives, startup ideas…

I make the seemingly most boring and un-interesting ideas sound, look and feel as if they will save planet earth and get your audience to salvation. 

Which they do.

That’s me on the pic, about 2 weeks after I helped a client win a $250k pitch. 

The secret?

It’s the ability to get in the shoes of your audience (or your competitor). Take a different perspective about the product or service you sell to your audience.

Imagine the following: 

You get up in front of your clients, bosses, stakeholders, potential million dollar key account, investors, your wife or girlfriend. 

You deliver your pitch about your product, service, idea or yourself.

You finish.

What happens next is:

You get the raise.

You get your new strategy approved.

Get a new million dollar account.

Get your client.

Get invested.

Get some tlc.

That would happen if you use my approach.

I’ve been a(n):


Advertising Account Manager

Sales Representative

General Manager

Virtual Assistant 

Startup Owner

Managing Director

In that order.

And I’ve failed and succeeded in each. 

The single reason why I’ve managed to fail and succeed is the way I’ve pitched things. 

I relied on showing the wrong things, focusing on the wrong target, lacking well researched strategy, exuding the wrong attitude.

When I understood the cause of failure and success, I’ve failed less ever since. 

Which is:

You must clearly view things from your audiences perspective and craft your pitch accordingly. At the end they will think, it was their idea to begin with. Which it really is.

To see it from their perspective and really understand (REALLY UNDERSTAND), you need a different perspective.

This site is a written record of the different perspectives I use to craft my pitches and my self.

These perspectives help you get clarity and see things for what they are. 

See each thing for what it is.

They put you in a birds-eye perspective over things, to see what is going on, what needs to be done, and how it needs to be done.

Here's a bit of truth.

What I can do for you, you can do it for yourself. 

You can sell your product or service better than I can do it for you. You can run your internal ops, sales and marketing initiatives better than I can.

That’s because you know your industry and your target audience better than anyone, and this shows when your clients come back over and over again to work with you.


sometimes, you get bogged down in daily activities that slow you down from reaching your initial goals, the promise land.

They also make the promise land a-bit obscure. You lose sight of the destination.

Creating new initiatives or products, that are essential to your business survival is impossible because you can't see the big picture due to the fact that you're, well, bogged down in every-day activities.

That's when you need someone to give you a fresh birds-eye perspective on things.

Someone to connect the dots that are seemingly un-connectable. To quickly jump into your shoes and your customer. To give you that meaning and context and help create a solution that blends the emotional human connection to your product/service with a more functional business goal. In a few words, a different perspective.

I will help you gain that perspective, and with that:

Help You Improve Your Product

Help you devise strategies to improve the ways you currently run your ops, and create ready to use ideas to improve your product.

Help You Find Clients

Help you create marketing and sales strategies that you can use to define, find and reach out to new potential clients and explore new markets.

Help You Close More Deals

So you have the strategy in place, or have the idea, but just need some help selling it and presenting it? Whether you do this in front of a VC panel, board of directors, a zoom call with a potential lead I can help you create and deliver a killer presentation and pitch that will position yourself as the number one choice to go with.

What do you get as an end product?

Depends on what you want to achieve, it can be a 

Simple powerpoint/slides/keynote presentation that contains a detailed strategy with a 3/6/9 month plan on how to achieve what you want to achieve. 

Detailed visualized report on your competitor that includes their sales funnel process, tech stack, roadmap, SEO backlink tree and more.

Tailor made dashboards to help you run specific business processes, and have instant overview over the full process at any moment and at any time.

An over the shoulder advice that you’d need if you come across a minor problem you can’t avoid like should we use frase or Surfer SEO. Should we go for Linkedin or a different platform to find our b2b audience?

An over the left shoulder advice that you’d need when you want to make sure that your current plan or initiative is good to go. I’d give you my thoughts, analysis and directions. Like the sequence of messages that you want to use for your linkedin outreach. 

The following samples, are pitches I helped build from the bottom up. Completely unrelated industries, different goals, different strategies:

new e commerce product launch
I built an e-commerce product, it's launch strategy, the ideal audience and more.
marketing strategy for an ebook
A marketing strategy to launch a blog and e-book
new product launch
Created the product, the pitch and the go-to strategy.
Built a pitch deck from scratch with deep market analysis
political strategy
Built a pitch deck with full market research for an inclusion focused consultant
paas pitch
Revamped the communicational strategy for a PAAS
adfolks deck
Revamped the communicational strategy for a Cloud and Big Data Dev Company

I’ve been an advisor to companies and startups, helping them and guiding their marketing and sales strategy throughout the years, and helped them create strategies that got their products pitched in front of their audience (highest pitch won $250k).

Here's how it works:

We connect over zoom/meets so that we can get to know each other’s businesses and see if we can work together. It’s a 30 minute call, where I’ll show you how I work, what I can do for you and find out more about your business.

I join your slack and you can message me there regarding any initiative, thought or issue you have. 

Three ways we can work:

  • 44$ per hour.
  • 1500$ per strategy regardless of size.
  • Per batches of 10 ready to use product ideas with fleshed out implementation strategies. Pricing to be discussed.


You need someone to once in a while, guide you on your way to your goals and shed a fresh perspective on how to do that.

Let's talk. Choose a 30 minute non obligatory strategy session below.



P.S. When I don’t build the aforementioned:

I help my team and grow my agency – The BBDirector.

I run my directors magazine specifically made for people like you.

Also, I eat burgers, box, and hike. And love romantic walks on the beach.